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IEC Inductance Apparatus C Core

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The IEC Inductance apparatus is a special unit designed to provide extremely high inductance. It consists of a large iron core 35x35mm section, with coils of very large number of turns of very fine wire. Inductance of around 10,000 Henrys (with iron core) and 8 Henry (without core fitted) is to be expected.

For experiments in inductance, electromagnetism, transformer action, resonance, oscillation and L-R time constants with the iron core fitted or removed.
Windings can be bucked or boosted and connected in series or parallel for different experiments.

CAUTION: Use should always be supervised. When power is removed from these coils, the sudden collapsing of the magnetic field can generate very high voltages in the coil that will appear at the sockets. If two coils are used a voltage will be induced in the second coil too.

See EM1973-001 for a student induction kit for general classroom use.

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

Last edited 11th Jun 2021

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