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KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Classroom Pack

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The classroom pack option includes three turbine towers and bases, three nacelles, three generators, eight hubs and blade consumables for eight groups of 2–4 students.

Explore wind energy affordably and easily. This kit, one of our most popular, allows young scientists to test a variety of blade designs, generate electricity (0.5 –3 V range) and lift weights. The Basic Wind Experiment Kit has all the materials you need to get started understanding wind power. Great for grades 4–12 and groups, as well as individual science fair projects. All you need to add is a wind source, basic tools and imagination!

• Height: 61cm
• Maximum blade diameter: 91.5cm (with provided materials)
• Maximum number of blades: 12
• Expected power output: 0–1 watts
• Number of different nacelles: 2

With this kit, you can...
• Design turbine blades
• Generate electricity
• Lift weights
• Measure power output
• Light LEDs
• Compare different designs
• Explore torque vs. speed
• Charge capacitors

• Understanding clean energy
• Exploring energy transformations
• Exploring the relationship between energy and forces
• Developing and using physical models
• Understanding differences between energy and power
• Collecting data with advanced tools
• Analysing and interpreting data
• Using mathematics to explain and understand data
• Designing controlled experiments
• Optimising designs

Basic Wind Experiment Kit Classroom Pack Materials List:
• 3 Wind Turbine Generators with Wires
• 6 Nacelle Body Halves
• 3 Motor Mount Pack
• 3 20cm Hex Shaft with Hub Quick Connect
• 8 Wind Turbine Hub
• 1 Power Output Board
• 9 Tower Base Legs
• 3 Tower Base Locking Ring
• 3 Tower Base Hub
• 3 Plastic Weightlifter Bucket
• 3 Blade Pitch Protractor
• 9 Hex Lock
• 3 Spool
• 3 8-tooth Gear
• 3 32-tooth Gear
• 3 510mm Wood Tower
• 75 12mm Washers
• 150 Dowels*
• 3 Power Output Pack* comprising:
• 25 76x305x2.5mm Balsa Wood Sheets*
• 50 76x410mm Cardboard Blade Sheets*
• 4 1.2m String*
• 25 215x280mm Cardboard Sheets*

* This part is a consumable and is excluded from the warranty.

Note: The Basic Wind Experiment Classroom Pack does not include a multimeter. You can measure current and voltage from the turbines using a Vernier Energy Sensor, a load such as the Vernier Variable Load or Resistor Board and an interface such as Labquest2, Labquest Mini or Go!Link.

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Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details


kw-bwx.jpgPictured is the partly assembled basic kit. Additional parts, as listed, are in the Classroom Pack.

kw-bwx-parts.jpgBasic kit parts. Additional parts, as listed, are in the Classroom Pack.