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Alnico Major Magnet

Order code: SC6040
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Manufactured for us so that we can supply a reliable, powerful, Australian manufactured major magnet that will retain its magnetic field, unlike one imported 'major magnet' we've seen that can hardly lift a paper clip.

A large horseshoe shaped magnet with specially shaped 'legs' to maximise the magnetic field across the poles.

Size: 88mm high, 83mm across the poles with a gap of 54mm between the poles, 60mm deep.

Guaranteed to work, both now and in the future.

Last edited 22nd Aug 2019

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU076 - Physical Sciences - Forces and Moving - Forces can be exerted by one object on another through direct contact or from a distance
ACSSU155 - Physical Sciences - Energy Forms - Energy appears in different forms, including movement (kinetic energy), heat and potential energy, and energy transformations and transfers cause change within systems
ACSSU182 - Physical Sciences - Energy Transfer - Energy transfer through different mediums can be explained using wave and particle models
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