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Vernier Adjustable Two Foot Leveller

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A replacement leveller to adjust the height of the Vernier track/optics bench.
Two are required to support one track.

The adjustable levelling feet slide onto the end of the track with the nut in the centre slot of the track underside.
Adjust the height as desired.
Install the feet before attaching a Motion Detector Bracket.

Two of these levellers are included with
     Vernier Combination 1.2m Track/Optics Bench
     Vernier Combination 2.2m Track/Optics Bench
     Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System
     Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System Long
     Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder
     Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct Sensor Cart
     Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System with Go Direct Sensor Cart Long

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Download the current Vernier University Catalogue

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

    Last edited 13th Mar 2020

    Works with:
    VDSVernier Dynamics Systemfrom $597.00 plus GST
    TRACKVernier Combination 1.2m Track/Optics Benchfrom $328.00 plus GST
    TRACK-LONGVernier Combination 2.2m Track/Optics Benchfrom $580.00 plus GST
    DTSVernier Dynamics Cart and Track Systemfrom $716.00 plus GST
    DTS-GDXVernier Go Direct Dynamics Systemfrom $1,355.00 plus GST
    DTS-GDX-LONGVernier Go Direct Dynamics System Longfrom $1,619.00 plus GST
    DTS-ECVernier Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoderfrom $1,080.00 plus GST
    DTS-LONGVernier Dynamics Track System Longfrom $969.00 plus GST

al-vds.jpgLeveller by itself and fitted to Track