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Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder

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The Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder is a revolutionary way for physics students to study dynamics. The Motion Encoder adds an optical position sensing system to record cart motion and eliminates the need for a motion detector for cart-on-track activities.

Students can explore kinematics, dynamics, momentum and energy with the added benefit of easy and precise optical motion sensing. The Dynamics Cart and Track System with Motion Encoder uses the same high-quality carts and track of the Dynamics Cart and Track System but includes a Motion Encoder Receiver and a cart equipped with optical motion encoding. The track also includes the necessary Motion Encoder Strip.

An optical sensor beneath the dynamics cart senses the passage of the cart over a marked strip on the track. The position information is sent as an encoded IR signal to a receiver at the track’s end. By avoiding the possibility of stray sound reflections, this optical-only system provides excellent, repeatable and noise-resistant motion data.

Because the position information is relayed by a narrow IR beam, the addition of a second Motion Encoder Cart and Receiver allows students to record the positions of two carts simultaneously. Now collision experiments to study momentum and energy are very easy to configure.

If you have ever been frustrated by the need to tweak the alignment of a Motion Detector, you will be pleased by the data your students collect using the Motion Encoder.

Vernier have redesigned their carts to provide added durability, versatility and instructional value.
• Four mass trays make it easy to vary the total cart mass.
• Super-elastic trigger button allows for new types of collisions.
• An anti-roll peg ensures that the cart rolls on the track but not off the table.
• Top tray allows for easy attachment of sensors and masses.
• Two cart colours (teal and grey) make it easier to discuss collisions.

The Motion Encoder Transmitter requires two AAA batteries that are not included.

The Motion Encoder Cart Receiver may require a compatible interface and software.

WARNING: The Motion Encoder Receiver is not compatible with the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire Lab Cradle. Connecting the Receiver to the Lab Cradle will render the Cradle inoperative, requiring repair by Texas Instruments.

• Combination 1.2m Track/Optics Bench
• Motion Encoder Cart with magnetic and velcro end caps
• Motion Encoder Receiver
• Plunger Cart with magnetic and velcro end caps
• 4 hexagonal masses
• Mounting hardware for Dual-Range Force Sensor and accelerometers
• Adjustable End Stop
• 2 Adjustable Two-Foot Levelers
• Motion Detector Bracket
• Motion Detector Reflector Flag
• Rod Clamp
• 2 Photogate Brackets
• Ultra Pulley
• Pulley Bracket

DTS-EC-LONG Vernier Dynamics Track System with Motion Encoder and Long Track substitutes a 2.2m track for the 1.2m track in the list above. All other components of the two systems are the same.

This product replaces the VDS-EC Vernier Motion Encoder System

Vernier Sensor and Interface Compatibility Information

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