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Vernier LabQuest 2 Data Logger and Interface

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Designed for science and STEM education, Vernier's LabQuest 2 (LQ2/LABQ2) is a powerful, connected and versatile data logger suitable for a wide range of data logging activities both in the lab and field.

Your students will love the high resolution screen, wireless connectivity and robust data-collection capabilities. It’s the perfect solution for classroom laboratory experiments and the built-in GPS sensor makes it ideal for field work as well.

The Vernier LabQuest 2 interface puts scientific data-collection technology into your students’ hands and is compatible with your existing Vernier sensors. Explore science in the lab and in the field with full-colour clarity, touch-screen ease and breakthrough, versatile technology. Collect, view, analyse and annotate data on LabQuest 2 or on any device with a compatible web browser such as
iPads®, Android™ devices, iPhones® and other mobile technology.

The LabQuest 2 includes 5 built-in sensors:
• GPS Sensor
• 3 Axis Accelerometer
• Light Sensor
• Microphone
• Ambient Temperature
• High-resolution touch screen

There are also 6 built-in applications:
Power Amplifier:
     A single channel audio signal generator ideal for use with the Power Amplifier for standing wave and similar experiments
Audio Signal Generator (Function Generator):
     A dual channel audio oscillator ideal for sound experiments including beat frequencies
Periodic Table
Sound/Voice recorder
Scientific Calculator

Other features:
• Portrait and Landscape views
• Built-in data-collection software
• Quick response to touch, curve fits and modelling
• 100,000 samples per second
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
• Includes mains power adaptor and USB cable
• Collect, view and analyse data on ANY device with a compatible web browser
• Show students how to use LabQuest by projecting your LabQuest screen in the classroom. (LabQuest Viewer sold separately.)
• Can be used with the Graphical Analysis™ App to collect, view, analyse and share data

Each LabQuest 2 is shipped with a label on the back that contains the model information.
• BLUETOOTH CLASSIC: the label will say Model: LABQUEST2 and is compatible with WDSS. These models are NOT compatible with Go Wireless sensors.
• BLUETOOTH SMART (Bluetooth Low-Energy): the label will say Model: LQ2-LE and is compatible with WDSS and with Go Wireless sensors (Requires LabQuest App 2.3)

The Connected Science System:
Now you can collect data once and analyse it anywhere. The Connected Science System makes LabQuest 2 the most versatile, connected interface you’ll ever use.
Using the built-in WiFi the LabQuest 2 can join or even host a WiFi network. Data can be collected, viewed and analysed by a network of three students using iPads in a workgroup (using the Graphical Analysis App), by an entire class of students using Android tablets in a classroom (using a standard web browser), by a computer connected to a projection screen (using our new LabQuest Viewer program), by email or even onto the internet (if that network has internet access).

Data Sharing Apps:
More information is available at View >>>>

Graphical Analysis™ App:
• Each student in a lab group can collect, view, analyse and annotate data from Vernier sensors. Later, they can present their results to teachers and classmates.
• Multiple students connect wirelessly to LabQuest 2 using this app for iPad
• View data as a graph or in a table
• Control data collection from the app
• Personalize graphs with captions, markers and titles
• Perform curve fi ts, including linear, quadratic, natural exponent and more
• Enhance lab reports with annotated graphs
• Save your session for data analysis away from the classroom
• Export data for further analysis
• Manually enter data for graphing and analysis
• Supported Devices: iPhone 4 or later; iPad 2 or later; iPad mini or later; iPad Air; iPod touch (5th generation); Requires iOS 7.0 or later; Android version 4.1 and up

Vernier Video Physics™ for iOS:
Vernier Video Physics brings video analysis to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Track an object, set the scale and see graphs of trajectory, position and velocity. Download from the App Store.

View >>>> Vernier sensor, interface and software compatibility with setup guide

Download the current Vernier Catalogue: Download PDF

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details


labquest 2.jpgLabQuest 2 with attached TMP-BTA Temperature Sensor (not included)

LabQuest2.jpgLabQuest 2 side view

lq2-armor.jpgLabQuest with Armor fitted

LabQuest-2-App.jpgLabQuest 2 screen view

Connected Science System

LQ2-CRG.jpgLabQuest 2 Charging Station with four LabQuest 2's

lq-cb-usb.jpgUSB cable supplied with the LabQuest 2