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Vernier Dynamics Track System Long

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The Dynamics Track System with Long Track substitutes a 2.2m track for the 1.2m track supplied in the DTS Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System. All other components of the two systems are the same.

The Dynamics Cart and Track System provides students with the tools they need to explore kinematics, dynamics, momentum and energy. This versatile system can also be easily adapted to study optics, colour and diffraction.

The Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System is the core of every physics lab. This traditional cart and track system features an aluminum track, two low-friction, plastic carts, an ultra pulley and all of the necessary attachment accessories.

Vernier have redesigned their carts to provide added durability, versatility and instructional value.
• Four mass trays make it easy to vary the total cart mass.
• Super-elastic trigger button allows for new types of collisions.
• An anti-roll peg ensures that the cart rolls on the track but not off the table.
• Top tray allows for easy attachment of sensors and masses.
• Two cart colours (teal and grey) make it easier to discuss collisions.

To study Newton’s second law, acceleration on an inclined plane, momentum and much more simply add:
• MB-BTD Vernier Motion Detector
• DFS-BTA Vernier Dual-Range Force Sensor
• WDSS Vernier Wireless Dynamics Sensor System
• VPG-BTD Vernier Photogate and
• Vernier Accelerometers

Optimise your track with the addition of the
• OEK Vernier Optics Expansion Kit
• CM-OEK Vernier Colour Mixer Kit
• Vernier Optics System
• DAK Vernier Diffraction Apparatus

You can easily upgrade a Vernier Dynamics Cart and Track System to include a Motion Encoder with one of Vernier's upgrade kits. This optical-only system eliminates the need for a Motion Detector for cart-on-track experiments and provides excellent, repeatable and noise-resistant motion data.

• Combination 2.2m Track/Optics Bench
• Standard Cart with magnetic and velcro end caps
• Plunger Cart with magnetic and velcro end caps
• 4 hexagonal masses
• Mounting hardware for Dual-Range Force Sensor and accelerometers
• Adjustable End Stop
• 2 Adjustable Two-Foot Levelers
• Motion Detector Bracket
• Motion Detector Reflector Flag
• Rod Clamp
• 2 Photogate Brackets
• Ultra Pulley
• Pulley Bracket

This product replaces VDS-LONG Vernier Dynamics System 2.2m Track.

LONG ITEM. Long item freight applies.

COMPATIBILITY CHECK and Set Up Guide for your Vernier sensor, interface and software:
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Download the current Vernier K-12 Catalogue
Download the current Vernier University Catalogue

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years

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    This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
    ACSPH066 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Collisions may be elastic and inelastic; kinetic energy is conserved in elastic collisions
    ACSPH065 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Energy is conserved in isolated systems and is transferred from one object to another when a force is applied over a distance; this causes work to be done and changes to kinetic and/or potential energy of objects
    ACSPH064 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Momentum is a property of moving objects; it is conserved in a closed system and may be transferred from one object to another when a force acts over a time interval
    ACSPH063 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Newton’s Three Laws of Motion describe the relationship between the force or forces acting on an object, modelled as a point mass, and the motion of the object due to the application of the force or forces
    ACSPH061 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Representations, including graphs and vectors, and/or equations of motion, can be used qualitatively and quantitatively to describe and predict linear motion
    ACSPH060 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Uniformly accelerated motion is described in terms of relationships between measurable scalar and vector quantities, including displacement, speed, velocity and acceleration
    ACSPH062 - Linear Motion and Waves - Linear motion and force - Vertical motion is analysed by assuming the acceleration due to gravity is constant near Earth’s surface
    ACSPH076 - Linear Motion and Waves - Waves - A wave model explains a wide range of light­related phenomena including reflection, refraction, total internal reflection, dispersion, diffraction and interference; a transverse wave model is required to explain polarisation
    Click a curriculum code to see other products that relate.

    Accessories / Spare Parts:
    TRACK-LONGVernier Combination 2.2m Track/Optics Benchfrom $580.00 plus GST
    T2T-VDSVernier Track-to-Track Couplerfrom $73.00 plus GST
    DAKVernier Diffraction Apparatusfrom $1,517.00 plus GST
    OEKVernier Optics Expansion Kitfrom $447.00 plus GST
    CM-OEKVernier Colour Mixer Kitfrom $437.00 plus GST
    CART-FVernier Fan Cartfrom $265.00 plus GST
    BLKVernier Bumper and Launcher Kitfrom $216.00 plus GST
    PF-CARTVernier Cart Picket Fencefrom $15.00 plus GST
    PAK-OEKVernier Polariser Analyser Kitfrom $206.00 plus GST
    M-OEKVernier Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kitfrom $143.00 plus GST
    DTS-CART-PVernier Plunger Cartfrom $192.00 plus GST
    DTS-CART-SVernier Standard Cartfrom $165.00 plus GST
    DTS-PADVernier Friction Pad DTSfrom $78.00 plus GST

    Works with:
    LABQ2Vernier LabQuest 2 Data Logger and Interfacefrom $835.00 plus GST
    LQ-MINIVernier LabQuest Mini Data Logger Interfacefrom $410.00 plus GST
    LPVernier Logger Pro 3 Data Logging Softwarefrom $605.00 plus GST
    WDSSVernier Wireless Dynamics Sensor Systemfrom $614.00 plus GST
    MD-BTDVernier Motion Detectorfrom $216.00 plus GST
    VPG-BTDVernier Photogatefrom $119.00 plus GST
    3D-BTAVernier 3-Axis Accelerometerfrom $209.00 plus GST
    DFS-BTAVernier Dual-Range Force Sensorfrom $265.00 plus GST
    LGA-BTAVernier Low-g Accelerometerfrom $216.00 plus GST
    ACC-BTAVernier 25-g Accelerometerfrom $194.00 plus GST

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    ExperimentCart on a Ramp Acceleration
    ExperimentCrumple Zone Collisions
    ExperimentMP21 Gravity Acceleration
    ExperimentMP22 Motion Graph Analysis
    ExperimentNewtons 2nd Law
    User ManualVernier Dynamics Cart and Track System
    User ManualVernier Motion Encoder Upgrade Kit

dts-long.jpgDynamic Cart and Track System Long.

dts-cart.p.jpgPlunger Cart close-up.

dts-cart-s.jpgStandard Cart close-up.