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KidWind WindWise Windmills Module #3 (2nd edition)

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Windmills are the ancestors of modern wind turbines. To understand how wind turbines work one must first understand a windmill. The materials in this kit will help students build a windmill and explore how these devices capture the energy of the wind and convert it into usable mechanical energy (to lift weights).

Printed lessons included with this kit:
WindWise 2nd Ed. Lesson #8 - How Does a Windmill Work? Download PDF

At the end of these lessons, students will:
• Know the fundamental parts of a windmill and wind turbine.
• Be able to use the scientific method to isolate and adjust variables in a model windmill.
• Understand energy conversions and transfers and how a windmill converts moving air into usable mechanical energy.

Materials included:
20 Wood dowels 7.9 x 300mm
200 Index cards 102 x 152mm
200 Index cards 127 x 178mm
200 Wood skewers
1 Roll of cotton string
20 Plastic weightlifter buckets
40 Foam cylinders 76mm
40 Corks
1 Box of 51mm T-pins
75 Washers 13mm
20 Hourglass spools 9.5mm drilled
1 Box of clear straws
20 HDPE 13 x 200mm

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This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU190 - Physical Sciences - Energy Conservation - Energy conservation in a system can be explained by describing energy transfers and transformations
ACSSU219 - Physical Sciences - Alternative Energies - Energy from a variety of sources can be used to generate electricity
ACSSU117 - Physical Sciences - Forces and Machines - Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces, including Earth’s gravitational attraction, acting on the object
ACSSU155 - Physical Sciences - Energy Forms - Energy appears in different forms, including movement (kinetic energy), heat and potential energy, and energy transformations and transfers cause change within systems
ACSSU182 - Physical Sciences - Energy Transfer - Energy transfer through different mediums can be explained using wave and particle models
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