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In this increasingly digital world, it is more and more important for kids to have a basic understanding of electricity and electronics. This experiment kit is a great introduction to electronic circuits and the most important electronic components found in today’s digital devices.

Assemble 20 electric circuits on the custom-designed plastic circuit board including a moisture sensor, conductivity tester, polygraph, alarm systems, door alarm, flip-flop circuit, timed switch, timer, flashing lights, battery tester, touch sensor and temperature sensor. Become familiar with essential electronic components including conducting connectors, resistors, LEDs (light-emitting diodes), capacitors, transistors, switches and power sources.

Learn about conductors, insulators and the flow of electrons. Understand abstract scientific terms like voltage, current and resistance. Learn how to read circuit diagrams and circuit symbols.

The full-colour 48 page manual covers 21 experiments.
For ages 8 and up.

Last edited 4th Feb 2020

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