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Vernier Emissions Spectrometer

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The Vernier Emissions Spectrometer allows you to instantly collect emissions spectra from light bulbs, gas discharge tubes or the sun. Capture data and analyse it immediately on your computer or LabQuest.
The perfect tool to conduct emissions analysis as it connects directly to your computer or LabQuest with a standard USB cable and gives precise measurements over a range of 350–900nm.

We recommend using the Vernier Emissions Spectrometer without an optical fibre for measuring spectra of large sources such as the sun or for comparing types of light bulbs.

An optical fibre (VSP-EM-FIBER) is recommended for analysing the emissions of a gas spectrum tube.

• Power Supply: USB powered
• Detector: Linear CCD
• Wavelength Range: 350–900nm
• Wavelength Reporting Interval: 1nm
• Optical Resolution: 3nm (as determined by the full width of half maximum of hydrogen 434nm peak)
• Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm (as determined by hydrogen peaks)

• Vernier Emissions Spectrometer
• USB cable
• User manual

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Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years

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    Vernier Emissions Spectrometer VSP-EM Tech Tips

    This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
    ACSCH019 - Chemical fundamentals - Properties and structure of atoms - Flame tests and atomic absorption spectroscopy are analytical techniques that can be used to identify elements; these methods rely on electron transfer between atomic energy levels
    ACSPH138 - Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory - Atoms of an element emit and absorb specific wavelengths of light that are unique to that element; this is the basis of spectral analysis
    ACSPH136 - Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory - On the atomic level, electromagnetic radiation is emitted or absorbed in discrete packets called photons; the energy of a photon is proportional to its frequency; and the constant of proportionality, Planck’s constant, can be determined experimentally (fo
    ACSPH139 - Revolutions in modern physics - Quantum theory - The Bohr model of the hydrogen atom integrates light quanta and atomic energy states to explain the specific wavelengths in the hydrogen spectrum and in the spectra of other simple atoms; the Bohr model enables line spectra to be correlated with atomic en
    Click a curriculum code to see other products that relate.

    Accessories / Spare Parts:
    VSP-EM-FIBERVernier Optical Fiber for VSP-EMfrom $214.00 plus GST
    ST-CARVernier Spectrum Tube Carousel Power Supplyfrom $799.00 plus GST
    ST-SPSVernier Spectrum Tube Single Power Supplyfrom $643.00 plus GST

    Works with:
    LABQ2Vernier LabQuest 2 Data Logger and Interfacefrom $835.00 plus GST
    LQ-MINIVernier LabQuest Mini Data Logger Interfacefrom $410.00 plus GST
    LPVernier Logger Pro 3 Data Logging Softwarefrom $605.00 plus GST

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    User ManualGetting Started - Connecting your sensor
    User ManualVernier Emissions Spectrometer

vsp-em.jpgVernier Emissions Spectrometer

vsp-em_hydrogen.jpgLogger Pro Graph of Hydrogen using the Vernier Emissions Spectrometer

vsp-em_hydrogen_closeup.jpgClose-up of Logger Pro Graph of Hydrogen using the Vernier Emissions Spectrometer

vsp-em_classroom.jpgVernier Emissions Spectrometer, Vernier Spectrum Tube Single Power Supply etc