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Adam Electronic Balance 1000g x 0.1g

Order code: CB 1001
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The CB 1001 is a compact portable scale which is ideally suited for a variety of uses and applications. It is small, portable and easy to use. The bright green backlit LCD display shows clear results, with a simple to use keyboard and Grade 304 stainless steel removable top pan for easy cleaning.

• 1000g capacity
• 0.1g resolution
• 130mm diameter stainless steel pan

• Mains or battery operated (requires two AA batteries which are included)
• Mains power adaptor not included
• Easy to use keyboard
• Measure in grams, ounces and pounds

Optional Mains adaptor is listed under Accessories/Spare Parts below.

Last edited 25th Feb 2021

Accessories / Spare Parts:
700400121Mains Power Adaptor for Adam CB Series Balancefrom $28.00 plus GST

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CB-Balance-LH.jpgCB1000 left hand.

CB-Balance-RH.jpgCB1000 right hand.