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Adam Electronic Balance 8000g x 0.1g

Order code: PGL 8001
Purchase QTY: (Each)1+    
Base price  $1,025.00    
Scientrific's price  $984.00    
Educational special   $699.00
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PGL balances combine the solid construction and fundamental features of a high-precision top loader with the simple operation of a portable balance.


•     Up to 12 Weighing units (including one custom unit)
•     Date and time
•     Full range tare
•     Zero Tracking
•     Large backlit display with dual text prompts
•     Capacity tracker
•     Large stainless steel pan
•     Solid metal housing
•     Overload protection
•     Lock down mounting slot for Kensington™ type lock and cable
•     Non-slip adjustable levelling feet
•     Colour coded, sealed keypad
•     Dual tare keys
•     Modern low profile design
•     RS-232 bi-directional interface
•     Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) print outs
•     External calibration
•     Rechargeable battery
•     DC Adaptor
•     Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life

•     Weighing
•     Parts counting
•     Percentage weighing
•     Check weighing
•     Density determination
•     Below balance weighing

Model           Capacity      Readability      Platform size
PGL 8001     8kg               0.1g                192x192mm

Last edited 7th Aug 2020

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