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Adam Electronic Balance 120g x 0.001g

Order code: HCB 123
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The HCB 1002 has a patented built-in ShockProtect™ overload protection that can handle excessive overloads up to 200kgs without a problem.

The HandiCal™ internal calibration weight provides incredibly easy calibration without the need for external calibration weights.

The USB and RS-232 interfaces are supplied as standard, as is the rechargeable battery, mains adapter / charger, removable draught shield and brilliant backlit display with capacity tracker. This balance and other Highland balances are amongst the most versatile, easily used and accurate portable precision balances available today.

• Mains or battery operated (requires six AA batteries which are not included)
• Mains power adaptor included
• Units of Measure g / ct / lb / oz / d / dr / GN / OZt / dWt / MM / TL.T / TL.C / TL.t / N / g2
• RS-232 and USB ports
• Weigh below hook for density and specific gravity measurements
• Removable Draft Shield included
• Kensington security mounting slot
• Auto power off and low battery indicator
• Large, clear and easy to read backlit LCD
• Can be stacked on top of one another for easy moving and storage

We recommend the purchase of the protective clear plastic In-Use Cover listed under Accessories / Spares Parts below.

Last edited 16th Mar 2021

Accessories / Spare Parts:
308232030In-Use Cover for Adam HCB Balancefrom $5.00 plus GST

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hcb_right_no_shield.jpgHighland Balance front view.

hcb_stacked.jpgStacked Highland Balances.

hcb_with_draft_shield.jpgHighland Balance with draft shield.

hcb_usb.jpgHighland Balance side view showing USB socket.

hcb_beaker.jpgHighland Balance with beaker. Beaker not included.

hcb_back.jpgHighland Balance with Security Chain. Security Chain not included. The RS232 port can also be seen.