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Vernier Go Direct Melt Station

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Vernier's Go Direct Melt Station accurately determines the melting temperature of solid substances. It directly connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® or wired via USB to your platform.

Teach students the visual detection capillary method of melting point determination with the Vernier Go Direct Melt Station. It accurately measures melting temperatures of a solid (up to 260°C) and the real-time graphing provides a unique perspective of the melting process.

The wide-angle observation and magnification window, LED-lit heater block and adjustable tilt base give students a clear view of the substance as they witness the state change. Internal cooling fans reduce the waiting time between sample testing. Also included is an important safety feature that automatically powers down the heating block after 60 minutes with no change to the control knob.

The Go Direct Melt Station can be used in a variety of experiments:
• Determine the melting temperature of an known organic solid such as aspirin, ibuprofen or caffeine.
• Identify an unknown organic solid by its melting temperature.
• Use melting temperature to analyse reaction products.

COMPATIBILITY CHECK and Set Up Guide for your Vernier sensor, interface and software:
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Wired or Wireless — The Flexibility to Choose
Vernier's Go Direct™ sensors connect directly to your mobile device, Chromebook or computer using Vernier's free Graphical Analysis™ 4 app. No additional equipment or software purchases are necessary. Go Direct sensors can be used wired via USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth allowing you to choose the solution best for your classroom or laboratory.

• Dimensions:
     Base: 13 cm × 15 cm × 1.5 cm
     Body: 9 cm × 9 cm × 24 cm
• Range: Ambient to 260°C
• Safety shut down: The heating block is automatically powered down after approximately 60 minutes of heating.
• Capillary tubes: 1.4–1.8mm outside diameter, 100mm length
• Capillary tube slots: 3
• Viewing lens: 27mm diameter (functional), 30mm (actual)
• Lighting of capillary slots: 3 white LEDs
• Lighting of control dial:
     Red LED (indicates heating mode)
     Blue LED (indicates cooling mode with cooling fan running)
     Yellow LED (safety shut off activated)
• Connections:
     Wireless: Bluetooth
     Wired: USB

• Vernier Go Direct Melt Station
• 100 standard capillary tubes
• Power supply
• Vernier micro USB cable

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Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Warranty: 5 years
    • Weight: 1kg

      Last edited 12th Jun 2020

      This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
      ACSCH027 - Chemical fundamentals - Properties and structure of atoms - The type of bonding within substances explains their physical properties, including melting and boiling point, conductivity of both electricity and heat, strength and hardness
      ACSCH026 - Chemical fundamentals - Properties and structure of materials - Differences in the properties of substances in a mixture, such as particle size, solubility, magnetism, density, electrostatic attraction, melting point and boiling point, can be used to separate them
      ACSPH021 - Thermal nuclear and electrical physics - Heating processes - Change of state involves internal energy changes to form or break bonds between atoms or molecules; latent heat is the energy required to be added to or removed from a system to change the state of the system
      ACSPH020 - Thermal nuclear and electrical physics - Heating processes - Provided a substance does not change state, its temperature change is proportional to the amount of energy added to or removed from the substance; the constant of proportionality describes the heat capacity of the substance
      ACSPH022 - Thermal nuclear and electrical physics - Heating processes - Two systems in contact transfer energy between particles so that eventually the systems reach the same temperature; that is, they are in thermal equilibrium
      Click a curriculum code to see other products that relate.

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      User ManualVernier Go Direct Melt Station