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Nuclear Radiation with Vernier

This free book contains six experiments for data collection with a radiation monitor including Distance and Radiation, Counting Statistics, Lifetime Measurement, Background Radiation Sources, Radiation Shielding and Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

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Included with Nuclear Radiation with Vernier:
Complete student experiments with materials list, step-by-step instructions, data tables and questions.
Teacher Information section for each experiment with complete directions for setting up experiments, helpful hints, and sample graphs and data.
Word-processing files of the student sections so that any experiment may be easily edited to your specifications (Microsoft Word for Mac and Windows files).
Instructions to perform the experiments on every supported platform:
     Computer with Logger Pro 3 software
     LabQuest as a standalone device

Table of Contents
1. α, β, and γ
2. Distance and Radiation
3. Lifetime Measurement
4. Counting Statistics
5. Background Radiation Sources
6. Radiation Shielding

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