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Vernier Charge Sensor

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Vernier Charge Sensor
The Charge Sensor is used as an electronic electroscope. Unlike a traditional electroscope, the Charge Sensor can make quantitative measurements. Numerical measurements improve many electrostatics experiments such as charging by induction, charging by friction, and charging by contact. The sensor can also be used to measure charge polarity.

An extremely high impedance voltage sensor with a 0.01µf input capacitor makes these measurements possible. The sensor has three operating ranges and a zeroing switch to discharge the input capacitor.

± 0.5 V (+/- 5 nC)
± 2 V (+/- 20 nC)
± 10 V (+/- 97 nC)
Maximum input: ± 150V
Typical bias current: 0.005pA
Input capacitance: 0.01µF
Instrument time constant: 0.1s

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details

  • Package size (HxWxD): 45 x 114 x 203mm
  • Packed weight: 160g

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    This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
    ACSPH103 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism - A positively charged body placed in an electric field will experience a force in the direction of the field; the strength of the electric field is defined as the force per unit charge
    ACSPH104 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism - Point charges and charged objects produce an electric field in the space that surrounds them; field theory attributes the electrostatic force on a point charge or charged body to the presence of an electric field
    ACSPH105 - Gravity and electromagnetism - Electromagnetism - When a charged body moves or is moved from one point to another in an electric field and its potential energy changes, work is done on or by the field

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    CatalogueVernier Catalogue K-12
    CatalogueVernier Catalogue Uni
    User ManualGetting Started - Connecting your sensor
    User ManualVernier Charge Sensor

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