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ScienceWiz Teacher 6 Pack Chemistry

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Candle making, squirting water, freezing, thawing, glop and mud pie experiments -- things every student should do to explore the matter of matter. This ScienceWiz™ kit deliberately relates and explains favourite childhood activities to chemistry. The importance of this to later interest and accessibility is invaluable.

This Teacher's Pack includes enough equipment for 6 students to explore and develop a fundamental understanding of the key concepts of solids, liquids and gases while building a foundation for analytical thinking.

Comes in a specially designed box for easy storage with compartments for convenient access to materials.

For ages 5-12.

Each Pack includes:
• 6 full colour 40 page booklets
• 12 pipettes
• 12 graduated cylinders
• 6 graduated measuring cups
• 6 balance scales to measure mass and for estimation experiments
• 18 balloons -- 28cm helium grade
• 12 shape balloons and 1 air pump
• 12 dart balloons
• 12 loom loopers
• 900g wax
• 12 sets of string
• 12 filters
• clay, baking soda, salt and sand

Student Experiments:
• Explores how the same matter can be in one of three states: a solid, a liquid or a gas and change state by heating, freezing, condensation and evaporation
• Explore the properties of solids, liquids and gases
• Measure, pour and shape liquids
• Predict and experiment with what pressure can do
• Discover that not all liquids mix together and that when they don’t, they sort by density
• Overfill, float and pipette water onto a coin to explore surface tension
• Sink and float an egg to explore density
• Dye a fan from the inside out and separate colors with capillary action
• Prove that the gases in air do exist
• React a solid with a liquid and produce and capture CO2 gas
• Discover that gases can be heavier and lighter than air
• Explore air pressure by squeezing an egg into a bottle and by holding water upside down
• Burn oxygen inside a jar and watch the displacement of its volume
• Measure the volume of a solid and manipulate the shape and density
• Explore mixing, solubility, filtering and crystalization

Teacher's Packs are designed so that students have their own booklet and materials.
This pack has a number of consumables. Most replacements and spare parts can be purchased from Scientrific.
Extensions to the main projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all.

Includes free ScienceWiz.com portal access:
Explore intriguing videos and links to information that will amuse, astonish, enrich and extend the content in the book and kit.
Internet animations and videos complement the classroom experiments.
Supplemental internet materials allow students to progress at their own pace and to their own level of interest and detail.
Contents of the website are periodically updated by the scientists and educators.

Last edited 30th May 2019

This product is used in teaching these Australian Curriculum codes:
ACSSU077 - Chemical Sciences - Solids Liquids Gases - Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways
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