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Vernier Exploring Chemical Reactions - E Version

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Explore various types of chemical reactions with your Years 4-8 Middle School students as they build a model to explain what goes on at the molecular level during a chemical reaction. Students investigate endothermic and exothermic reactions, precipitate formation, conservation of mass and other reactions.
Collect, share and analyze sensor data with Vernier's free Graphical Analysis 4 software. The GA4 app facilitates student understanding with real-time graphs of experimental data and intuitive analysis tools.

Vernier Exploring Chemical Reactions is an electronic download that consists of six experiments for middle school science students.

Table of Contents:
1. Conservation of Mass
2. Endothermic Reactions
3. Exothermic Reactions
4. Precipitate Formation
5. Metals and Acids
6. Putting It All Together

NOTE: When you purchase this electronic book you will receive the download instructions after your order has been processed.

• Ready-to-use student experiments
• Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
• Instructions for data collection with free Vernier Graphical Analysis™ 4
• Essential instructor information including teaching tips, suggested answers and sample data and graphs
• Word-processing files of the student experiments so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
• Complete equipment and supplies list
• A generous site licence - buy one book and duplicate the experiments for all your classes

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Educational use only:
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msb-cr-e.jpgVernier Exploring Chemical Reactions - E Version.