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Middle School Science with Vernier

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Middle School Science with Vernier was written specifically for students in grades 6-8. It is a lab book containing 38 experiments in earth science, life science and physical science, making use of ten different Vernier middle school sensors. Your students will really enjoy doing these well-written and well-tested science experiments!

If you have previously purchased a copy of this Vernier lab book please contact Support at for free access to the electronic version and it's updated contents.

Printed Lab Book
• 38 ready-to-use student experiments
• Access to up-to-date versions of the experiments
• Instructions for data collection with Logger Pro 3, LabQuest App and EasyData
• Essential instructor information including teaching tips, instructions for preparing solutions, suggested answers and sample data and graphs
• Word-processing files of the student experiments so you can edit the files to match your teaching preferences
• Complete equipment and supplies list
• A generous site licence­—buy one book and duplicate the experiments for your class
• One printed copy of the book

Electronic Version MSV-E
When you buy the electronic version of the lab book you receive all of the resources listed for the printed version
except a printed copy of the book.

Table of Contents
1. A Hot Hand
2. Heating of Land and Water
3. The Greenhouse Effect
4. Relative Humidity
5. Soil Study
6. Absorption of Radiant Energy
7. Reflectivity of Light
8. Schoolyard Study
9. A Good Sock
10. What Causes the Seasons?
11. Solar Homes
12. Ocean Floor Mapping
13. Boiling Temperature of Water
14. Freezing and Melting of Water
15. How Low Can You Go?
15B. Ziplock Ice Cream
16. A Good Cold Pack
17. Lemon "Juice"
18. Get a Grip!
19. Fun with Pressure
20. Water Hardness Study
21. Diffusion: How Fast?
22. A Water Field Study
23. Cooling Rates: Shaq vs. Susie
24. Yeast Beasts in Action
25. Heart Rate and Body Position
26. Heart Rate and Exercise
27. Mapping a Magnetic Field
28. Electromagnets
29. Frictional Forces
30. First-Class Levers
31. Pulleys
32. Buoyancy
33. Graphing Your Motion
34. Measuring Momentum
35. The Indy 100
35B. Pencil Car
36. Crash Dummies
37. Falling Objects
38. A Speedy Slide

Educational use only:
Vernier and Kidwind products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical or commercial applications. Details