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IEC Electricity Kit Advanced

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EM1763-020 IEC Advanced Electricity Kit with Hodson Motors
EM1763-020 IEC Advanced Electricity Kit with Hodson Motors


The IEC Advanced Electricity Kit with signal generator, hand motor/generator and Hodson motor kit contains all the components necessary to perform a wide range of important experiments with electricity. Students will gain hands-on experience with electric circuits, switches, lamps, voltage, current, resistance, Ohm’s law, series and parallel circuits, heating effect of electric current, fuses, conduction through liquids, magnetism, electromagnetism, inductance and capacitance.

The kit can also be used to study AC electricity, electromagnetic induction, laminated cores, transformers, inductors, eddy current losses and heating, impedance and reactance.

Components are easily visible to the students through clearly labelled, ventilated, transparent housings and smaller components are stored in strong transparent screw top vials. Connections are made with printed circuits and basic experiments use ‘D’ batteries while a compact power supply is provided for more advanced and AC experiments.

Supplied in a sturdy aluminium case with foam inserts and an extensive experiment manual including a full glossary of relevant electrical terms.

Electricity Kit Comparison:

EM1763-001 IEC Electricity Standard Kit includes 3 Magnetic Field Demonstrators.

EM1763-010 IEC Electricity Advanced Kit adds a digital Signal Generator, a hand driven AC/DC Motor Generator and upgrades to dual resistors, capacitors and lampholders.

EM1763-020 IEC Electricity Advanced Kit adds a digital Signal Generator, a hand driven AC/DC Motor Generator, upgrades to dual resistors, capacitors and lampholders and replaces the 3 Magnetic Field Demonstrators with 2 Hodson Motor Kits.


• LB2629-001 IEC Power Supply

• LB3753-101 IEC Digital Signal Generator

• EM1758-001 IEC Hand driven AC/DC Motor/Generator

• 2 x EM2193-201 IEC Hodson Motor Kits with all parts for students to wind and assemble a total of 4 DC motors

• 50 ohms 3W wire-wound potentiometer in housing

• 50 ohms dual resistor in housing

• 100 ohms dual resistor in housing

• 500 ohms dual resistor in housing

• 5uF dual capacitor in housing (+/-10%)

• 10uF dual capacitor in housing (+/-10%)

• 2 dual lamp holders in housing

• 2 single pole, two way switches in housing

• Connector box for alligator clips to hold wires

• Set 12 cables with moulded and stackable 4mm banana plugs

• Set 'U' and 'I' core with elastic bands for transformer study

• 300T, 2 x 600T and 1,200T coils to fit the 'U' and 'I' core

• 1 long and 2 short plain iron cores for magnetic experiments

• 1 aluminium disc and axle for eddy current brake experiment

• 3 digital multi-meters with 4mm banana plug cables

• 2 cell holders for D cells

• 2 plastic supports for holding iron cores to 'U' core

• 1 pair 75mmx12mmx8mm Alnico strong bar magnets

• 10 plotting compasses

• 10 MES lamps for 2.5V 200mA

• 10 MES lamps for 12V 100mA

• 100m copper wire, 0.2mm diameter

• 100m Constantan resistance wire, 0.2mm diameter

• 50m 1A fuse wire, 0.05mm diameter

• 2 paper clips for connections etc

• 4 plain alligator clips that can be fitted to 4mm banana plugs

• 4 alligator clips fitted with 4mm banana plugs for holding all wires

• 70 x 20mm copper electrode plate

• 70 x 20mm zinc electrode plate

• 2 stainless steel 70 x 20mm conductivity plates

• Ring for Thompson’s Ring experiment

• Compass for determining North/South Pole of magnetic fields

NOTE: This is a genuine IEC product
We believe in supporting Australian industry and only sell genuine IEC products, we do NOT sell imported clones of IEC products.

Accessories / Spare Parts:
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PA1763-040IEC Electricity Kit Capacitor 5uF Dualfrom $37.50 plus GST
PA1763-050IEC Electricity Kit Capacitor 10uF Singlefrom $37.50 plus GST
PA1763-060IEC Electricity Kit Holder for D Cellfrom $2.70 plus GST
PA1763-070IEC Electricity Kit Coils 300t for U/I Corefrom $51.80 plus GST
PA1763-080IEC Electricity Kit Coils 600t for U/I Corefrom $50.00 plus GST
PA1763-090IEC Electricity Kit Connector Blockfrom $21.00 plus GST
PA1763-100IEC Electricity Kit Potentiometerfrom $53.90 plus GST
PA1763-110IEC Electricity Kit Cores Plain Ironfrom $18.40 plus GST
PA1763-120IEC Electricity Kit Experiment Manualfrom $23.00 plus GST
PA1763-130IEC Electricity Kit Iron Filingsfrom $10.00 plus GST
PA1763-140IEC Electricity Kit Lamp Holder - MESfrom $30.00 plus GST
PA1763-150IEC Electricity Kit Lamps 2.5V 12V MES in Vialsfrom $16.00 plus GST
PA1763-160IEC Electricity Kit Magnetism Demo Rectangular Coilfrom $43.00 plus GST
PA1763-170IEC Electricity Kit Magnetism Demo Round Coilfrom $43.00 plus GST
PA1763-180IEC Electricity Kit Magnetism Demo Spiral Coilfrom $49.50 plus GST
PA1763-200IEC Electricity Kit Plotting Compasses 10 in Vialfrom $27.50 plus GST
PA1763-210IEC Electricity Kit Potentiometer W/W 50 Ohmsfrom $49.00 plus GST
PA1763-220IEC Electricity Kit Resistor 50 ohmfrom $28.00 plus GST
PA1763-230IEC Electricity Kit Resistor 100 ohmfrom $28.00 plus GST

Works with:
EM2193-201IEC Electric Motor Kit Hodson Self Buildfrom $40.00 plus GST
EM1758-001IEC Motor Generator Hand Cranked AC/DCfrom $132.00 plus GST
PA1763-240IEC Electricity Kit Resistor 500 ohmfrom $32.00 plus GST
PA1763-250IEC Electricity Kit Switch 1 Wayfrom $24.20 plus GST
PA1763-260IEC Electricity Kit Switch 2 Wayfrom $30.00 plus GST
PA1763-270IEC Electricity Kit Thompsons Ring for Iron Corefrom $2.50 plus GST
PA1763-280IEC Electricity Kit Wire Copper 100mx0.2mmfrom $8.00 plus GST
PA1763-290IEC Electricity Kit Wire Fuse 50x0.05mfrom $9.20 plus GST
PA1763-300IEC Electricity Kit Wire Resistance 100x0.2mfrom $10.40 plus GST
LB3753-101IEC Signal Generator - Audio Oscillator 0.1Hz to 99.999kHz 1.5Afrom $303.00 plus GST

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Manual SampleIEC Advanced Electricity Kit with Hodson Motors